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Mail Tracking Designed for Your Clients

If you produce mail, you need SnailWorks Mail Tracking

Mail Tracking has never looked like this before!

SnailWorks has re-imagined the way mail tracking is presented to clients – and they love it!

YourMail™ Targeted Reporting

Mail tracking is more than static reports on your desk top. YourMail sends a boldly styled notice to your customers just as their mail is starting to deliver. You’ll promote your brand and customer service in a way that puts you head and shoulders above your competitors.

Real-Time Web and API Services

This is how marketing works today – everything interacts, including SnailWorks Mail Tracking. Tracking data integrates with Sales Force® and other CRM software, driving the next step in the sales process, the next channel.

Automated Trigger Files

Direct mail works better with other channels. SnailWorks is built to trigger those channels – automatically, by the business rules you create. Telemarketing, email, SMS Text messaging, web ad retargeting, and more – they all get tied to direct mail with SnailWorks Mail Tracking.

OneStep Seamless Mail Trackings™

You don’t want to put a lot of resources into creating a tracking job – that’s why we created OneStep Seamless Tracking. Ridiculously easy job creation – no matter what mailing software you run.

Automated Job Creation

Many of our clients track hundreds of jobs a month. For them we have automated job creation -– effortless job creation through advanced API and Web services.

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